RWB Sealing Wax

I stopped by LTMW this afternoon to check out the latest RWB creation, named Project Sealing Wax. If I’m not mistaken, this is the fourth one in Los Angeles. This is based on the 993 platform. I’ve noticed that most of them from the states are based on the newer 993 chassis while the ones […]

My RWB Stella Artois

After seeing some car paintings at the Monterey Motorsport Reunion, Jenn and I decided to each draw one. She chose oil and I chose acrylic. It took me a long while to finish my painting. It’s my first time painting on canvas and a long while since do any sort of drawing or painting. Here’s […]

Nakai-san x Rauh Welt Begriff

When I found out that LTMW is hosting Nakai-san of RWB fame and organizing a meet to showcase his latest creation, I knew that I had to drop by to check it out. It was dark by the time I arrived so I wasn’t able to take pictures of the cars in the lot. There […]