Thumbtack, 6+ months

I’ve been at Thumbtack for over half a year now. Actually, almost 9 months to be exact. The company has grown quite a bit since I’ve joined. I think there were around 25 engineers when I started and now, there is around 60. We were quickly running out of space at our main office. In […]

Roadtrip to Joshue Tree and Limekiln

We took a trip to Joshua Tree in mid October. There wasn’t much to do out in the desert. Our site at the Black Rock Campground. Joshua trees and rocks and rocks and rocks. The next day we drove over the main part of Joshua Tree Park and hiked the Hidden Valley Trail. On our […]

Portland Photo Recap

Highlights from Portland trip back in July. First stop, Blue Star Donuts. Portland Art Museum. Lunch at Tasty n Alder. Dinner at Le Pigeon. Super tasty and very reasonably priced. Best foie gras dish I’ve ever had. Bike town. Hiked at Washington Park. Ended at Pittock Mansion. View of downtown. Salt & Straw for lunch. […]

Weekend trip to SLO

Jenn and I took a weekend trip to SLO for a wedding. We finally got to try Firestone Grill since we were vegan last time we were in town. It was good but not spectacular. The firebird sandwich was bit messy to eat. We also stopped by Pismo Beach before driving back up.

Thumbtack – 1 Month

It has been a month since I started as a software engineer at Thumbtack in SF. I can happily say that I like my work. The people are smart and friendly. Everyone has a great sense of ownership in their work. The company maintains a high level of transparency and retains its startup culture while […]

Hypercar Gathering

The April ’15 C&C at Santana Row had a large turnout. Along the usual exotics were a McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari. All that was missing was a Porsche 918 to complete the trio. This is actually chassis 007. I’ve heard that the current owner recently acquired it. Enzo and Ferrari in matching color that […]

1&1 to GoDaddy

I just switched hosting service from 1&1 to GoDaddy. The reasons were that my previous package was limited to one domain and 1&1 didn’t support the functionality that I needed for a new project. The move was easier than I had imagined. Biggest anticipated problems were transferring my domain and migrating the blog content but […]

RWB Sealing Wax

I stopped by LTMW this afternoon to check out the latest RWB creation, named Project Sealing Wax. If I’m not mistaken, this is the fourth one in Los Angeles. This is based on the 993 platform. I’ve noticed that most of them from the states are based on the newer 993 chassis while the ones […]

Recent Reads

I rarely read. I don’t remember the last book I read. I think I was reading Ender’s Shadow but I never finished it. So it is notable that I read two books in the past few weeks and more remarkable the second in just a few days. The first book was The Moon Is ¬†Harsh […]

Museum of Flight

I had an open Saturday morning before flight back home from Seattle and decided to visit the Museum of Flight. I got there when it opened and there was already a sizable group present. I learned that the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft was on loan for the weekend. I decided to check that out first and […]