Thumbtack, 6+ months

I’ve been at Thumbtack for over half a year now. Actually, almost 9 months to be exact. The company has grown quite a bit since I’ve joined. I think there were around 25 engineers when I started and now, there is around 60. We were quickly running out of space at our main office. In […]

Thumbtack – 1 Month

It has been a month since I started as a software engineer at Thumbtack in SF. I can happily say that I like my work. The people are smart and friendly. Everyone has a great sense of ownership in their work. The company maintains a high level of transparency and retains its startup culture while […]

The Microsoft Experience

I flew up to Seattle the day before my interview and arrived at the hotel in the Redmond Town Center around mid afternoon. I did some studying and walked to a nearby burger place for an early dinner. I spent the rest of the evening preparing for the next day. The Microsoft campus was only […]

@WalmartLabs – Part I

Today marks the end of my second week at @WalmartLabs (not really sure why the @ but it’s part of the name). It’s been a great experience so far. I spent the first week getting situated and learning about my assigned projected. By the second week, I was pushing code and preparing for a demo […]

Data Science Academies

Over the last couple months, I’ve come across a couple┬ádata science academies (Zipfian and Insight) that offers 6~12 week programs where potential fellows, as they like to call it, spend the time working on a project and preparing for interviews with partner companies. The program is free for fellows because the academies collect recruiting fees […]

Feeling Defeated

Every time I hear someone get an internship offer, I can’t help but feel a little defeated. I’ve been applying but none have materialized. I came close with a start up. They were drafting an offer and we discussed logistics. I was ecstatic but they ended up retracting their decision. They hired a few full […]


I started at Raytheon in August ’11 and left the company in September ’13. During my two years there, I had many ups and downs. Work was very cyclical. There would be stretches of time where there is nothing going on and other times where we would be maxing out overtime. The slow periods were […]

The End of A Career

Dave drew an end to his 30 plus year career last Friday. He was one of the first person I met and one of my mentors at work. He insisted on doing things correctly and not taking any shortcuts, which can be a conflicting interest with managers at times. He was always willing to answer […]

When the Music Stops…

At work today, we had a status meeting for one of the programs that I am involved with. I’ve been working on some documentations in preparation to meet the next milestone. I had just finished a set prior to the meeting, hoping to share my progress. However, it turns out that there were some bad […]

First Week of Work

This past Monday, August 8, 2011, marked my first day of work as an engineer at Raytheon. Prior to the first day, I was feeling anxious more than anything. My mind was preoccupied about all the little details like… Will I be able to fall asleep? Will I be able to wake up on time? […]