Thumbtack, 6+ months

I’ve been at Thumbtack for over half a year now. Actually, almost 9 months to be exact. The company has grown quite a bit since I’ve joined. I think there were around 25 engineers when I started and now, there is around 60. We were quickly running out of space at our main office. In order to accommodate for our growth rate, we rented a space across the street, which opened up a couple weeks ago.

With growth comes unavoidable changes. There are now more people in management roles. For most, it was more of a title change than a function change. There are more processes in place which sound worse than it really is. I guess the best way to put it is that there is more structure in the company.

Overall, the company is doing well. We are having a strong start in 2016. There are lots of improvements and new features that are driving growth. There is still a bunch left to do on our product roadmap but if we continue executing, we will have no problem reaching our goals.

My time is now split between coding, interviewing and meeting. Starting this week,  I’ll also be “mentoring” a new Data Platform team member.


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