2015 Recap

A lot happened in 2016. I graduated for the second time from UCLA in March. I went through a stressful period of interviewing. I had an offer lined up that fell through last minute. In hindsight, I’m glad because that led to me joining Thumbtack. I moved up to NorCal in June (July?). By moved, I meant packing up a rental car and driving up. Half of my stuff is still at my parents. I started work in August. Work has been busy since day one but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s fast-paced but rewarding. I’m learning and taking on more responsibilities than I would have ever imagined. Jenn and I got engaged after many (7) years of dating. I got clipped by a car during my morning bike commute and thankfully survived with no broken bones nor skin. The holidays came around and lots of family time on both sides. We’ve been house hunting for the tail end of the year and put down an offer on a place.

It’s been an eventful year. Lots of big steps and long term commitments. Some would consider them life changing but it felt like a natural progression. I’ve been reflecting and I’m in a happy place with my life. There is nothing to complain about and many things to be thankful for.

Good bye 2015. Cheers to 2016.

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