The Future

It’s hard to witness defining moments when you’re experiencing it day to day. I’ve been wondering how different the future, say five years, will be. Remember what life was like before the iPhone? When you had to print out driving directions from Google maps or better yet, MapQuest? This is like a time capsule of current topics that interest me.

Self driving and EV cars
All auto manufacturers are investing heavily in self driving capabilities. Most are following the route of equipping the conventional car with said features. Others, like Google, are redefining a “car” by completely eliminating the driving aspect. Apple is rumored to be working on something but details are sparse. On a tangential note, cars are transitioning to alternative fuels with Tesla leading the charge. I’m curious to see if self driving cars and/or EV’s will be the norm in a few years.

Impact of global warming
The main driver of EV’s is reducing emissions and greenhouse gases. Global warming has been a common theme in recent years. There has been more and more natural disasters that are attributed to abnormal climate patterns. The entire west coast of North America is suffering from a drought while the east coast is getting hammered by brutal winters. We are warned of the scarcity of certain food as global climate shifts to the extreme. Let’s hope the world can take greater action to curb greenhouse gases and pollution in general.

Tech bubble
Entrepreneurship spirit mixed with some wild ideas and easy capital has led to a boom in start ups. I work at one that has recently joined the unicorn club, surpassing one billion dollars in valuation. The inflated valuation is a whole other topic but everyone in the bubble is aware of the bubble. The bigger they are the harder they’ll fall. When a unicorn crashes and burns, it will have adverse effect on the entire sector.

Gun control
This is a touchy but relevant topic that resurfaces in the ongoing presidential (and general political) debates. I’m up banning guns if that means eliminating 100% of the casualties from gun violence. But we know that isn’t going to happen. We need a sane and realistic solution and not the extreme proposals of entirely banning guns or arming more citizens for self defense that are fielded by the Red and Blue.

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