2015 Recap

A lot happened in 2016. I graduated for the second time from UCLA in March. I went through a stressful period of interviewing. I had an offer lined up that fell through last minute. In hindsight, I’m glad because that led to me joining Thumbtack. I moved up to NorCal in June (July?). By moved, […]

Roadtrip to Joshue Tree and Limekiln

We took a trip to Joshua Tree in mid October. There wasn’t much to do out in the desert. Our site at the Black Rock Campground. Joshua trees and rocks and rocks and rocks. The next day we drove over the main part of Joshua Tree Park and hiked the Hidden Valley Trail. On our […]

The Future

It’s hard to witness defining moments when you’re experiencing it day to day. I’ve been wondering how different the future, say five years, will be. Remember what life was like before the iPhone? When you had to print out driving directions from Google maps or better yet, MapQuest? This is like a time capsule of […]