Thumbtack – 1 Month

It has been a month since I started as a software engineer at Thumbtack in SF. I can happily say that I like my work. The people are smart and friendly. Everyone has a great sense of ownership in their work. The company maintains a high level of transparency and retains its startup culture while growing rapidly. The past month has gone by very quickly and every moment was spent learning and working on something new. It’s incredible how much I’ve learned and how much I still don’t know.

Despite the happy ending, the journey was not easy. I’ve applied to well over 100 positions and did not hear back from most. I did many coding challenges and phone interviews, moved on to a handful of on-sites, and received a couple offers over a stressful three month period. If the day wasn’t spent interviewing, it was spent studying and preparing. I owe a lot to Jenn for her support and reassurance after disappointing interview results. Interviewing is probably the most stressful thing I’ve done and I don’t plan to do it very often.

I’m thankful for the position that I am at, being able to continuously learn and be challenge. It motivates me even more to work hard and take full advantage of the opportunity given to me.

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