RWB Sealing Wax

I stopped by LTMW this afternoon to check out the latest RWB creation, named Project Sealing Wax. If I’m not mistaken, this is the fourth one in Los Angeles.


This is based on the 993 platform. I’ve noticed that most of them from the states are based on the newer 993 chassis while the ones in Asia are based on the 964 chassis.


It was my first time seeing the crazy Rotana spoiler. It’s not as ridiculous in person.


I walked around the car and didn’t find it that special. Sure, a lot of time (and money) was spent on rebuilding the engine, shaving the interior and bay, neo-chroming everything, and all the whole nine yards, but that’s exactly the point. This was built as a show car and is the opposite of what RWB started out as. To me, RWB is a driver’s car and one with imperfections and signs of usage that make each one unique.¬†Also, what happened to having Nakai-san determine the color and name of each car? Maybe he has run out of names since he has been cranking them out and there are probably close to 100 of them now.


Still a cool car but nothing extraordinary.

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