What happens when California runs out of water?

I think a lot of people don’t understand the severity of the drought. A recent study says that there is roughly a year’s supply of water left. New measures were put into effect today to further reduce water consumption. While this may mitigate the problem and further stretch the already thin supply, a positive outcome relies on continued conservation and favorable rainfall for years, decades, or even forever. Conservation is a great, necessary start but I don’t understand why more isn’t being done. California is home to some of the smartest tech minds and I’m sure there are multiple feasible ideas that could become reality: desalination, greywater recycling, smarter water management, etc. Millions are being invested into the next app/”disruptive technology” which seems trivial when compared to investing water, the quintessential element for life. This goes back to the original point that the problem has yet to reach a critical state to garner unanimous public support. A solution is often born out of necessity and that necessity may come soon.

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