Museum of Flight

I had an open Saturday morning before flight back home from Seattle and decided to visit the Museum of Flight. I got there when it opened and there was already a sizable group present. I learned that the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft was on loan for the weekend. I decided to check that out first and […]

The Microsoft Experience

I flew up to Seattle the day before my interview and arrived at the hotel in the Redmond Town Center around mid afternoon. I did some studying and walked to a nearby burger place for an early dinner. I spent the rest of the evening preparing for the next day. The Microsoft campus was only […]

Seoul Photo Recap

Day 1, 12/23/14: Day 2, 12/24/14: Day 3, 12/25/14: Day 4, 12/26/14: Day 5, 12/27/14: Day 6, 12/28/14: Day 7: NA, I was in bed all day recovering from food poisoning. Day 8:

Seoul, South Korea

I visited Seoul over the Christmas holiday with Jenn, Kristen, and Steph. We were in the city for about 9 days. The weather hovered around 0C so it was cold. I had to wear long johns underneath my jeans so I don’t know how Korean females were able to wear skirts with leggings. Or are […]