Car List – 10/27/14

The list of cars that I would like to own changes over time. I was in a Hakosuka phase over summer but I think I’m over that now. I would still like to have one but realistically speaking, there are other cars higher on the list.


Currently, my top consideration is a Mazda FD RX-7. It’s something that I’ve always want and come back to. It’s one of the iconic Japanese sports car from the 90’s and from the same crowd as the NSX, Supra, and Skyline. I like the smooth curves/lines on the car and find the shape timeless. I feel that the market has bottomed out and their prices will only start to increase in the future, similar to the NSX. It’s a good time to get one while they are still reasonably priced and affordable. A pristine example runs close $20k but a solid, clean one could be had for around $15k.

I was also looking into a Porsche 964. I thought they were still going for around $25k but then realized I was off by $10k. The classic Porsche market has really taken off the last couple years. That puts the 964 on the same list as the Hakosuka, the when-I-am-rich list.

I will be getting a car in the next half year so let’s see what I end up with.

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