UCLA CS Grad Course Offering Is Broken

The department accepted around twice as many graduate students this year while maintaining the same faculty size and similar course offerings. It was already bad enough trying to get into classes last year. For fall, I’m enrolled in a class with a classroom capacity of a tad over 30. More than 60 people showed up and some even stood outside the door. I was told that my incoming class (2013) was 50~60% international students but this year’s, it is close to 70%. I’m sure the popularity of computer science attributed to the size increase but I’m sure the tuition fees from international students played a role. I hope they do something about it. It’s a waste of everyone’s time: students having to attend alternative classes to finalize their schedule, professors for having to deal with PTEs, faculty sorting out the logistics. It’s nice to be able to accept more students but not at the expense of the quality of the program and learning.

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