Summer Is Over

“Summer is over. Fall is beginning” -DL. I think it went something like that. Between work and play, summer has flashed by. I thoroughly enjoyed living in the (South) Bay area: the people, weather, food, public transportation, close proximity of everything. The skies are blue and it’s rarely too hot for the weather to be a deterrent to go out. SF and Oakland are a short drive away. There are good food options (just not Chinese food and dim sum). I like that each city has its own downtown area/city center for food and entertainment. It’s having an Old Town Pasadena in every city.

Here are a few highlights.


7/20 – Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz


7/26 – Stranger danger picnic potluck


7/27 – Los Gatos Cafe


8/02 – Bayline Gathering. Got to see some of the Hakosukas from the Bay area.


8/09 – Double date in SF


8/16 – Monterey Motorsport Reunion


8/30 – Family gathering at George and Gina’s place


9/13 – Hog Island Oyster Farm


9/27 – C&C at Santana Row. First time seeing the new Lambo Huracan


9/28 – Shukai in Japantown, DTSJ

I look forward to going back after graduation.

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