@WalmartLabs – Part I

Today marks the end of my second week at @WalmartLabs (not really sure why the @ but it’s part of the name). It’s been a great experience so far. I spent the first week getting situated and learning about my assigned projected. By the second week, I was pushing code and preparing for a demo presentation of my work in progress. I’m working out of the Mountain View office, the original location of the acquisition that became @WalmartLabs. The MV office is mainly responsible for search. Despite being a sizable organization, the MV office still maintains a start-up vibe. The teams are kept small, ranging from a handful to a dozen or so members. However, that will remain the same when it eventually migrates to the much larger Sunnyvale office. My team consists of 4 people: 1 PM and 3 programmers. Everyone on my team is friendly and helpful. I’ve been doing a lot of shell scripting, HiveQL/SQL and Python. It’s a mixture of back end, big data, and data science. The end goal is to implement a new feature for an internal search analytics dashboard. I find the work interesting, and thus motivating. I hope to make large strides on my project and have something substantial by the end of my internship.

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