Spoiled by Amazon Prime

I realized how truly efficient the Amazon Prime system was with a recent order from an online retailer. I signed up for a ShopRunner account to get free 2 day shipping. Being used to Amazon Prime, I expected a Saturday delivery so I was disappointed when the delivery won’t be made until the following Monday. On Monday, I came home to a Fedex delivery tag stuck to the door saying that it has to be a in person delivery. I tried going online to check if I could do a pick up or schedule a delivery window but neither worked. Customer service said the retailer chose the cheapest shipping method which prevented any changes. In hindsight, that made no sense because Fedex would need have to attempt re-deliveries, wasting time and resources. Tuesday came around and came home to the same tag. At this point, I rather the package returned to the retailer and get a refund. I was not a happy customer. Wednesday came and the last re-delivery attempt was made. A while later, a call came saying that the package was ready for pick up at the local facility. I finally got my package on Thursday, a full week after the initial order was made. Nothing competes with Amazon Prime (yet).

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