@WalmartLabs – Part I

Today marks the end of my second week at @WalmartLabs (not really sure why the @ but it’s part of the name). It’s been a great experience so far. I spent the first week getting situated and learning about my assigned projected. By the second week, I was pushing code and preparing for a demo […]

Spoiled by Amazon Prime

I realized how truly efficient the Amazon Prime system was with a recent order from an online retailer. I signed up for a ShopRunner account to get free 2 day shipping. Being used to Amazon Prime, I expected a Saturday delivery so I was disappointed when the delivery won’t be made until the following Monday. […]

Data Science Academies

Over the last couple months, I’ve come across a couple┬ádata science academies (Zipfian and Insight) that offers 6~12 week programs where potential fellows, as they like to call it, spend the time working on a project and preparing for interviews with partner companies. The program is free for fellows because the academies collect recruiting fees […]