Survived Eggert

Every school and major has that 1 famous/infamous professor. Dr. Eggert falls into that category. Student either love him or hate him for the same reasons. I fall into the former camp. His heavy course loads can consume up to twenty hours a week. The amount of assigned readings in some courses are comparable to that of social science courses. However, I think he is very knowledge and does a great job of presenting the material. You really have to stay focused the entire lecture or you’ll easier miss something crucial and fall behind. He is enthusiastic about the topics even if he has repeatedly teach the same courses nearly every quarter for the past 10+ (?) years. His tests are tough, but most of the material comes from lecture and understanding and doing the assignments. Despite the difficulty, he is a lenient grade and it seems like most end up with at least a B-. With that said, you do end up learning a substantial amount with the necessary effort. I think taking a course ¬†with Dr. Eggert is a rite of passage for CS students at UCLA. I enjoyed his CS 131 Programming Languages course but I’m also glad that I survived it.


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