Nakai-san x Rauh Welt Begriff

When I found out that LTMW is hosting Nakai-san of RWB fame and organizing a meet to showcase his latest creation, I knew that I had to drop by to check it out. It was dark by the time I arrived so I wasn’t able to take pictures of the cars in the lot. There […]

Data Case Study on Arcadia, CA

About 2 years ago, an older house in the neighborhood sold for about $1 million. Within a span of a year, the old house was torn down and a new one was built. It went on to sell for around $4 million. The same thing happened just up the street. Similar layout and selling price. […]

Broken Tax System

I think it’s a safe assumption that Americans agree that the tax system is broken. It’s been broken for years, maybe even for decades, but little has been done to fix it. Arriving at a correct solution is difficult, but no progress can be made unless incremental actions are taken. As individuals, we are told […]