I started at Raytheon in August ’11 and left the company in September ’13. During my two years there, I had many ups and downs. Work was very cyclical. There would be stretches of time where there is nothing going on and other times where we would be maxing out overtime. The slow periods were […]

Twenty Four

I spent my birthday in Norcal and we began the day by visiting Canepa Design. This is must-go destination for any car enthusiasts. The amount of historical and rare automobiles under one roof is simply amazing. Despite the valuable collection, Visitors can get close up to the collection in both the museum and the showroom. […]


Took a day trip to Berkeley during my last visit to Norcal. I’ve always had the impression that there were a lot of hobos and thievery but I didn’t notice any of that. Maybe it was daytime and we were in the better parts of town? There were some funky looking homes and there were […]