Grandma’s Birthday

Grandma stopped by Los Angeles on her way to Boston from Hong Kong. Coincidentally her birthday fell on one of the days that she was in town. We had a typical Chinese birthday cake after dinner to celebrate her turning just shy of 80. I think she’s relatively healthy (no medication that I’m aware of) but her memory is deteriorating and her short term memory is nearly non-existent. Despite the seriousness of the situation, I think the family has collectively agreed to accept the situation.



Group picture!



We had a mini family reunion on Skype afterward with my dad (in Taiwan) and family in Boston. We couldn’t get the group call working so we resorting to having multiple opened sessions.


Happy Grandma. Fortunately, she is aware that her memory is bad and makes light of the situation. We can all share a laugh at her clumsiness rather than be sad about it.

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