Adventures Along PCH – Day 3

We woke up Sunday morning and had the provided continental breakfast. First destination of the day was the Natural Bridges State Park. We strolled along W Cliff Dr. Jenn taking a million shots of the surfers and the crashing waves. Found a bench to help us take a picture. Patio furniture and adirondacks lined the […]

Adventures Along PCH – Day 2

We woke up and got ready for a mid-morning hike at Bishop Peak. The weather was somewhat cool in the morning. I wore jeans, which turned out to be a mistake. The hike started off easy, with a moderate incline and alternating between under the sun and the treeline. The hike offered a nice overlook […]

Adventures Along PCH – Day 1

Our adventure started on Friday of the Memorial Day weekend. We (mostly Jenn) planned a trip up the coast with the end destination of Sophie’s apartment in Sunnyvale. Since this trip doubled as Jenn’s relocation to norcal, the car was fully packed. A picture of Jenn being Jenn to start. We embarked on Friday morning. […]