Getting Back Into Airsoft

I’ve gotten back into airsoft after of late. It’s a hobby that I first started back in late middle school/early high school. However, I do have a clear memory of my dad showing me his (now classic) Tokyo Marui 1911 gas pistol back when I was much younger. That was really my first introduction to airsoft. I stopped playing for many years due to multiple reasons. It was difficult to find friends to play with and it’s a hobby that has a relatively expensive initial investment, especially back in the day. Fields were few and far, usually at least an hour drive away. I always had the urge to start again but always decided against it. I have many other hobbies and I didn’t want to commit if I were only going to stop again shortly after.

The sport has really progressed in the last few years. There are more manufacturers. The increased competition has brought the prices down and more options to the players. Many premium features are now standard. Many law enforcement, military agencies, and competition shooters are endorsing airsoft as a training tool. This movement is leading a push for more licensed replicas of real steel parts. With the sport gaining popularity, more paintball fields are catering to airsoft players by having dedicated airsoft fields on their venues. With that said, all the reasons that made me drop this hobby in the first place are largely gone.

I spent weeks tuning all of my old guns back to a usable state. It was a good learning process and I definitely improved on my tech skills. I’ve managed to get a few others into the sport as well so we now have a sizable group of players.

The thing I like about airsoft the most is the camaraderie that takes place on the field. It’s the excitement of playing with friends and the aftermath of sharing “war stories” that makes it fun. There will always be a competitive aspect to any sport but airsoft is all about playing and having fun with your friends. Those who take it too seriously ruin the sport in my opinion. In the end, we’re all shooting plastic pellets out of imitation toy guns. Pew pew.

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