Diablo III Launch Event

817, that’s my birthday and also coincidentally my wristband number for the Diablo III midnight launch event that was held at Irvine Spectrum last week. This was another “first” for me as I have never been to a midnight launch event for a video game. I made my way over to Anaheim after work to meet […]

The Avengers

I went to the midnight showing of The Avengers at the Century City Westfield AMC. I don’t recall the last time I went to an opening night showing or if I ever did. If not for the reserved sitting during ticket purchase at that particular AMC, I would have been a bit hesitant to go. […]

Saturday Morning

I spent the morning trying on different shirts and ties combination with my new suit for an upcoming wedding. My ties were really wrinkly so I steamed them to try to straight them out. My mom freed one of my dad’s old tie rack for me to hang them up so the same thing wouldn’t […]


Just wanted to post a couple of shots that I took yesterday. I want to explore beyond my basic edits and try to highlight different aspects of my shots. Hence, I’ve been playing around with different build-in filters in Lightroom 3 to achieve different effects. Also I’ve been shooting with a better camera, a (borrowed) Canon […]