San Diego – 04/08/12

Day 2 in San Diego began with a brunch at The Village in La Jolla. The place was crowded, probably especially so because it was Easter Sunday. I had to circle the neighborhood a few times to find a spot.

I really like this picture that I took while waiting.

Not quite sure what’s going on.

I got a Village Mocha. It was a tad on the sweet side.

To pile on the sweetness and per Jeff’s recommendation, I ordered the Stuffed French Toast. Once again, on the sweet side. I was stuffed after eating 2 slices.

We walked to the beach, only a 5~10 minute walk away. We spend a good amount of time there, just taking pictures and messing around.

The silly pictures started with this one when I told Jeff to jump from one ledge to the other.

I got a bit carried away while editing this one…

This one is pretty good. Looks like some Michael Jackson move in mid-air.

The picture came out slightly out of focus, otherwise it would have been perfect. I upped the aperture and set it auto-focus but I guess it wasn’t enough.

We headed back to LA afterwards and made good time on the drive. We arrived back to Westwood mid afternoon. I was a bit worried about finding a parking spot but it was not a problem at all. I was pretty exhausted, probably from all the driving. That concludes my trip to San Diego this past weekend.

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