San Diego – 04/07/12

Jenn and I decided to go to San Diego last weekend for a weekend escape.

Saturday began with me picking up Jenn from Westwood. There was a whole line of concrete trucks lined up. We began the drive down to SD mid-morning. There were some minor traffic here and there. Our first destination was Phil’s BBQ to pick up our order of ribs to go. The line was surprisingly short for lunch on a Saturday. Next up, we picked up Karen and Mike and then Jeff. We headed over to Sarah/Phanat’s place to visit baby Amara. Wish I had my camera so I couldn’t have taken some picture. At that time, I was probably only subconsciously thinking about eating Phil’s.

Next stop was UCSD since Jenn has never been and I wanted to visit the graffiti place and the random house atop of the UCSD engineering building.

Here is the afore mentioned graffiti spot. It’s a staircase and hallway within the art building that has been tagged with layers of graffiti. I would definitely be interested to graffiti tag but I wasn’t prepared this time. Maybe next time.

Here is Jenn leaving her mark.

See that? That’s a house on top of the building. Deemed the “Fallen Star”, it’s part of the Stuart Collection at UCSD, an ongoing program of commissioned artwork scattered throughout the campus. Now that I know the background, I want to check out the rest of the pieces on my next visit.

You can’t see it in this picture but the foundation of the mascot statue was really anticlimactic. It was a tiny square water mountain in the ground….

The day ended back at Mike’s apartment. Jenn made Risotto for dinner and we had fancy coffee for dessert afterwards. Apparently I couldn’t taste the caramel that we put in the coffee.

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