Face of Desperation

On my morning drive to work yesterday, I saw a person standing by the freeway off ramp stoplight. He was holding up a sign that said he’s a carpenter looking for work. I only briefly glanced at the sign because I didn’t want to make eye contact with him, therefore ignoring his presence and holding […]

Diablo III Beta

I spent a solid five hours, mostly in one sitting, playing Diablo III during the open beta this past weekend. I was eagerly waiting for it to begin at noon on Friday so it was frustrating when I couldn’t even log in due to flooded servers. Better this happens and gets fixed now than later […]

San Diego – 04/08/12

Day 2 in San Diego began with a brunch at The Village in La Jolla. The place was crowded, probably especially so because it was Easter Sunday. I had to circle the neighborhood a few times to find a spot. I really like this picture that I took while waiting. Not quite sure what’s going […]

San Diego – 04/07/12

Jenn and I decided to go to San Diego last weekend for a weekend escape. Saturday began with me picking up Jenn from Westwood. There was a whole line of concrete trucks lined up. We began the drive down to SD mid-morning. There were some minor traffic here and there. Our first destination was Phil’s […]