Kolstom Classic

I just backed my first Kickstarter project, the Kolstom Classic! Here’s the details listed on Kickstarter:

WORLD’S FIRST MOLDED CARBON FIBER SUNGLASSES // The kolstom classic sunglass frame is manufactured using carbon fiber reinforced polymer that is also widely used in motorsports, performance outdoor sporting goods and in aerospace due its high strength-to-weight ratio. This allows for the frames to be both light and extremely strong.  By molding the frames under heat and pressure, it ensures that the functional properties of the carbon fiber composite is maximized.  The kolstom classic is the world’s first compression molded carbon fiber sunglass design.

UNIQUE LOCKING HINGE // The design also features a robust stainless steel hinge that locks both open and closed by using a spring-loaded ball detent system.

AWESOME FRAMES. AWESOME LENSES. // The kolstom classic features a thermally fused 9-layer lens manufactured by the world’s leader in optics manufacturing.  The lens features 1 polarizing core, 4 UV filters, 2 shock absorbers and 2 scratch resistant layers providing distortion free clarity and glare-reduction.

In short, it’s a pair of carbon fiber sunglasses. I decided to go for the highest pledge level so I’ll be getting a pair of these with the hinge painted in green and individually numbered. As usual, I fell into the whole “exclusivity/limited edition” scheme. These are a spin off of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, like the Oakley Holbrooks that I previously had. Considering that, I hope that it fits very similarly. They should arrive sometime around June, just in time for summer.



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