I haven’t bought any shoes for a while but ended up buying 3 pairs this past weekend at the Citadel Outlet. First is a pair of running shoes from Nike. Settled with this particular pair after trying on a few. Now there’s no excuse for me to not run and get some exercise. The other two pairs are from Clarks. It’s funny because when I was younger, my dad would go into Clarks to look at shoes and I never thought I would wear them. Now I have not only one but two pairs in possession. I bought a pair of Clarks Buschare in grey suede. These are very similar to the Clarks Desert Boots but have a different sole. From what the sales person said, these are almost more comfortable. The other pair are the Clarks Graves in brown nuback. These are incredibly comfortable. Probably the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve worn. They are formal but not too formal. They go well with slacks or a pair of jeans, perfect for work.

On a side note, I’ve been wanting a blazer hoodie for the longest time and finally found and bought one from Calvin Klein.

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