Go Beyond That Cover

I know what to be for Halloween this year.


I haven’t bought any shoes for a while but ended up buying 3 pairs this past weekend at the Citadel Outlet. First is a pair of running shoes from Nike. Settled with this particular pair after trying on a few. Now there’s no excuse for me to not run and get some exercise. The other […]

Oh Deer

From time to time, we get a visit from the Bambi’s around the foothills. One stopped by yesterday at my neighbor’s for a snack. Nom nom.

Beautiful Weather

The weather has been beautiful lately. This is the perfect time of the year. There is still a reminiscences of summer warmth and the sun still sets in the later part of the evening. The sky is blue and the colors are much more vibrant without the harsh summer sunlight. The air is fresh and […]

Ray-Ban RB8301

My pair of Oakley Holbrook got chewed up by a dog while staying at a friend’s place. To replace that, I got a pair of Ray-Ban RB8301 with gunmetal frame and crystal brown gradient lenses. I would have considered a polarized version, but unfortunately, they did have it for this color combination. After waiting for […]