When the Music Stops…

At work today, we had a status meeting for one of the programs that I am involved with. I’ve been working on some documentations in preparation to meet the next milestone. I had just finished a set prior to the meeting, hoping to share my progress. However, it turns out that there were some bad news awaiting us. Work has been temporarily stopped due to several reasons. There were unexpected setbacks from other teams and a cut in budget. To make matters worse, a different program has been shut down.

We’re getting fired! Those words came from my co-worker, followed by a chuckle. Apparently, they have all experienced this before and this is nothing out of the ordinary. I wish I was as easy-going.

The music has stopped, so it’s time to find a chair before they’re all taken. Fortunately, the team leads and managers had planned for this and other work has already been assigned to each of us. Definitely not the ending to the week that I had hoped off.

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