Everyman '11 Photo Contest

I heard about the Everyman photo contest from Jenn. I decided to enter and submitted 3 pictures for 3 different categories. I had a pretty easy time choosing the pictures for my submission.

Travel/Architecture – Royce

People/Portrait – Ice Cream!

Black/White – Zonda R

Deadline is October 3rd, online galleries open at November 1st, and winners are announced on December 1st.

2 Responses to “Everyman '11 Photo Contest”

  • Jenn says:

    Did you get rid of your logo for the contest submissions? I didn’t see any of them when I looked at the other submissions so I didn’t. Plus they stress non-professional photographers only.

    My fav is the Zonda for sure. Ice cream one looks kinda funkily cropped?


  • admin says:

    I didn’t put a watermark for my submissions, just the ones here.

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