San Diego, UCSD Commencement

After my commencement on Saturday, I headed to San Diego with Matt and Yuan-Xun for our other friends’ commencement at UCSD. We arrived in San Diego around noon and grabbed a quick lunch at one of the many local Mexican fast-food places. We made our way over to the UCSD, which was also my first time visiting the campus. A fitting time for my first time after I’ve graduated, isn’t it? The campus is a lot newer than UCLA’s but that also means that it lacks the historic architecture that marks UCLA. Even though the campus is much larger, it is a nicer walk because it’s mostly flat ground. The dorms are integrated into the campus with multiple entertainment outlets: stores, fast-food chains, and even a theater. It felt like a “mini-town”, which I liked. The ocean is always bringing in a nice, fresh breeze. I really liked the campus and there’s no doubt that it was partly due to my four years of being in Boelter Hall and the Engineering buildings at UCLA.

Although UCSD is subdivided into multiple colleges, all the commencements were held at the same location, RIMAC field, at different times throughout the weekend.

We went to the Sixth College Commencement to see our friend Charissa. During the commencement, we stood off to the side at the front. Otherwise, we would have had to sit all the way in the back and not be able to hear/see much.

Afterwards, we had time before the attending the Eleanor Roosevelt Commencement to see our other friend Stephanie. We explored the campus some more, visiting the Geisel Library and other spots.

We went to the cliffs above the Torrey Pines shoreline. It’s a spot for paragliding but we didn’t see on that particular day.

When it was about time, we made our way back to RIMAC field. We joined up with more of our friends. With the setting sun and stronger breezes, it got pretty cold. Thinking it’ll be as warm as it was a few hours ago, I left my jacket in the car. This mistake cost me to catch a cold. Once again, we opted to stand by the fence up at the front. It was a good spot since Steph sat in the back row so she was only about 50 ft. away. After the commencement, we stayed around to take pictures. A lot of pictures. We rushed to Brigantine for a group dinner with Steph’s family.

Afterwards, some of us went over to Steph’s apartment to help her with some last minute packing. Just went we loaded everything into her car, she couldn’t find her keys. We spent a good amount of time unloading the car in search of it in the dark. Elissa finally found it in the end and we were finally able to get on our way. Matt and I hitched a ride back home to Arcadia with Elissa and I made it back home at around 1:30 am. I was exhausted by then but it was certainly a good adventure. Also, I’m happy with how the pictures came out. The overcast weather gave the perfect lighting to capture all the moments.

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