Oakley x STPL Holbrook

I decided to purchase a pair of Oakley x STPL Holbrook sunglasses. It is a collaboration between Oakley and STPL. They were sold out from Oakley but I found a pair through Amazon. I was still deciding when a walk outside under the sunny weather pushed me over the edge.

Staple Designs, founded by Jeff Ng (aka Jeff Staple) in 1997, is a fashion design firm. In addition to having their own brand line, they are also a creative agency that has designed for Nike, Uniqlo, LVMH, and many more. This sunglasses marks the 35th year since Oakley’s founding and Jeff Ng’s birth. The color inspiration of sunglasses is falling snow. The white frame fades towards clear towards the earstems.

I wish that Oakley sunglasses would come with a hard case.

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