"Asians in the Library"

The recent video “Asians in the Library”, which was posted only 3 days ago, has transcended into the news media spotlight. It is a topic of discussion on every social network and news outlet. It has garnished same magnitude of attention as the recent and ongoing catastrophe in Japan, which I think is ridiculous.

The person’s belief and method of voicing her opinion is ignorant and wrong. However, it is equally immature to rebuttal in similar methods. Not only is it completely unnecessary but also adds fuel to the fire. It shows that you are no better than the original person in question. Many have used this as an excuse to voice their own improper comments, which is a shame and deconstructive to the community as a whole. UCLA administration is investigating the incident and will resolve the issue in appropriate manner. Let’s put the subject to rest and focus on bigger subjects on hand.

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