Full Circle [Linguistics 1 to EE 114]

This quarter, I am taking EE 114, a speech and image processing class, with Professor Villasenor. This is my second time taking a course with Professor Villasenor. The classroom is held outside of South Campus and is in the Public Affairs building. It has been a while since I had to wander to North Campus for a class.

Coincidentally, the classroom is the very same classroom where I took Linguistics 1 back in the summer of 2009. Both courses focus on speech/linguistics, but from a very different approach. Linguistics 1 explored the various aspects of languages. Topics include the syntax, morphology, phonology, acquisition, and processing of languages. It is more of a philosophical way of learning.

On the other hand, EE 114 focuses on the scientific and systematic structure of speech. We analyze the speech as a signal from it’s formation to transmission to learn about speech processing. The goal is to be able to manipulate and synthesize speech in a more accurate and efficient manner.

I think it is very interesting that I am able to learn about a subject under two very different light. One traces the history and fundamentals of speech while the other explores the future possibilities.

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