Rainy Mall Adventure

I went to the Westfield Santa Anita mall this past Tuesday, the 21th. The mall was fairly crowded with people finishing up their Christmas shopping, which was the case for my friends whom I chose to tag along with. There was a sale at every store as retailers made a final push to attract the last minute shoppers. My friends and I wandered around the mall trying to find presents for our Secret Santa gift exchange. I stopped by Banana Republic to check out the jacket that I have been eyeing for a while.  Upon entering the store, I did not see it in it’s usual location so I thought it must have been sold out. However, I found one left in my size on the clearance rack. I grabbed it and after a few minutes of thinking, I decided to buy it. I almost bought it back during the Thanksgiving sales season but decided not too. This time around, there was 40% off on top of the already discounted price so the final price was more than 50% off of the original price. I was happy to be able to buy the jacket that I wanted, but even happier at the price that I got it for.

After a few hours, our goal was accomplished. I walked through a parking structure.to get to my car which was parked outside. The parking structure was congested due to the rainy weather, which at that point in time had stopped. Drivers were honking as cars waiting in the aisle waiting for people to leave were blocking traffic. An occasional car would back out of a spot and leave but more cars were coming in than there were leaving. I didn’t understand why so many people were trying to park inside. There were plenty of spots outside and the rain had stopped at that point. Even if it was raining, the outside lot was only a short distance away from being indoors. The people could have easily parked outside and be shopping in the mall within a few minutes time but instead they chose to battle congestion and wait for spot to open up in an effort “to save time and minimize effort”, in other words, laziness.

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